Chodenie do posilky o 6:00 ma svoje vyhody. Budik o 5:20, instantnu kavu, nekonciacu hrozbu smrti zo strany manzelky, ak niekoho (okrem psa) zobudim, alebo stretnutie tvarov v tvar s no bullshit pristupom.

Dentist: So, do you floss?
Me: Do you use a unique password for every account?

Pre tych, co to nepostrehli: Na HBO Max pridali Parks and recreation. A to je velka vec.

I've just discovered #mosstodon. it's pictures of moss (and the occasional cohabiting fungi) in its natural habitat all over the world. yes I'm serious. yes I already love it. it feels weirdly like a short green, forest-scented meditation to look through them

Fakt som si nie isty, ci toto je trubenie alebo trubnutie Tutnutie?!

Gravity joke from my daughter:
"Technically the heaviest person in the world is the most attractive."

A few recommendations for life on Mastodon:

1) Follow anyone you think looks potentially interesting; you can always unfollow later, and they may lead you to new people via boosted posts.

2) Boost posts you think are worthy, so others can discover new content.

3) Don't obsess on replicating your Twitter follows on Mastodon; let it be its own experience, and grow it organically. Obvs follow anyone you miss from Twitter, but this isn't a 1:1 replacement; have fun, follow your instincts.

That Elon guy 

I spoke to an NPR reporter today and gave the following example: I’m a big Green Bay Packers fan. Doesn’t mean it would be a good idea for me to buy the team, install myself as coach, and also run plays on the field as QB. I mean, I’m a fan. I want the team to win.

Z mŕtveho slovenského Twitteru, sme sa presunuli na neživý slovenský Mastodon. Uvidíme :Dd

Ok. Od Google+ po 10, ako aktívna je slovenská komunita Mastodonu? 🤔

I've come on mastodon to share a piece about mastodon, which sounds like the kind of cannibalistic self-referentialism that started mad cow disease


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