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Great interactive visualization of how our economy inevitably creates super-rich people. "This is the crux of the Yard-sale model. In a free market, one person ends up with all of the wealth – completely by chance."


zatial najvacsi problem s mastodonom je paradoxne to co je aj jeho vyhoda - ta decentralizacia :)

je dost blba bariera ked hned v uvode si clovek musi vybrat server tak aby potom s tym rozhodnutim bol ok a nepremyslal ci nemal zalozit ucet kdesi inde.

a ano, viem ze sa da "premigrovat" ale aj tak - je to problem ktory proste bezny uzivatel riesit nechce.

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Security and privacy checklist for Mastodon via @gcluley:
✅ Set up a strong password
✅ Set up 2-factor-authentication (I use Authy for this, but there are other apps)
✅ Direct Messages: Can be read by your admin. Don't use Mastodon for private conversations. Use Signal for that.
✅ People you mention in DMs can read a copy of the messages
✅ You can verify yourself using the options at Edit Profile > Appearance on Mastodon


Mastodon je sociálna sieť založená na otvorených webových protokoloch a na slobodnom softvéri. Je decentralizovaná, podobne ako email.