I’m honored to be VMware for the 7th year in a row! Congratulations to all new and renewed members. 👏🍻

One implication for @PowerCLI@twitter.com users on Windows or MacOS/Linux, before you can use the newly ported Image Builder / Auto Deploy cmdlets for PowerShell Core, you need to ensure local system has Python 3.7 installed ... just something to be aware of as you operationalize new version

Napísali sme šikovný krátky návod ako komunikovať (a sa pohádať) so štátom. navody.digital/elektronicka-ko

Congrats to Kamen & the PowerCLI team! Fantastic release w/lots of great enhancements including official support for #vSphere8 but my favorite is definitely Image Builder & Auto Deploy cmdlets ported to MacOS/Linux 🥳


Now ... I just need to figure why its not working for me on MacOS 😅


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