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Scoop: US **and Germany** will send armored vehicles to Ukraine, a significant upgrade in firepower urgently sought by

US will send Bradleys; Germany to send Marders, sources tell & me.

Biden to speak to today, I’m told.


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Our EU-Ukraine #SolidarityLanes have been working to clear the backlog of Ukrainian grain and improve import and export flows.

So far, they have:

🚛 helped export 5.8Mt from Ukraine since April 2022
⬆️ doubled the quantity exported in June – almost 2.5Mt


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You can now read and engage with news and information about 🇪🇺 EU policies, in a privacy-focused environment and with no transfer of data outside the EU.

This initiative is part of an EU pilot for supporting and using social media platforms based on open-source software.

Follow us! 🙌

#EuropeanUnion #Mastodon #Fediverse

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Something a bit different today...

There's a really nice Fediverse admin on here called @stux who provides lots of free decentralised public services (public instances of Mastodon, PeerTube, Pixelfed, Matrix, Nitter, Invidious, Searx etc).

Stux is spending hundreds of euros a month so that these services remain free and operational.

Apparently Stux has had a tough time finding work recently, but has their own small business which provides web hosting.

If you're looking for a small indie hosting provider, this might be a really good choice as the money raised will help keep the Fedi going too:


(I'm sorry to embarass you Stux, but I think you deserve a shout-out for the good work you do!)

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Thanks to MS Teams, my computer is just as responsive as my IBM 8086 was back in the early 90s.


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I'm experimenting with doing occasional long-form blog posts about how to make your own online services.

I've done an initial post about how to make your own Mastodon server using managed hosting providers. If you have time, it would be great to hear feedback about it.

You can read it at:


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Today marks 3 months since Russia invaded Ukraine.

We are helping Ukraine by:
🇺🇦 providing immediate relief
🇺🇦 establishing solidarity lanes to help them export and import goods
🇺🇦 setting up a reconstruction platform
🇺🇦 phasing out Russian fossil fuels


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85% of Europeans believe that the EU should reduce its dependency on Russian gas and oil as soon as possible to support Ukraine.

With the #REPowerEU plan, we can do it.

It will step up Europe's energy security and independence and mobilise up to €300 billion.

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@EU_Commission If I don't remember wrong. Firefighters tend to refuse to stop fires in houses with solar panels. So i hope you have a plan for firesecurity first, because it will be more than annoying if a whole or part of a city has to burn down from a single fire, because of those EU-prescribed Solarpanels

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Among people fleeing the war in Ukraine, 428 chronically ill patients requiring urgent care have been evacuated via the #EUCivPro Mechanism to EU countries.

This is saving lives and putting #EUsolidarity into action.



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