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Does somebody knows TAILS developper in France or Europe, or somebody who has personnaly signed the TAILS public key with a safe secure private key in a smartcard or yubikey/nitrokey ?

I need to find a person which can authenticate physically with me, to validate my download images of TAILS.

This is very important because I'm investigating a smart sandboxing cyber-weapon that has caused me and many of you a lot of damages without your knowledge.

Thank you for your help.

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Vtipný videokomix o prohlížečích a vyhledavačích (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome a spol.):

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Knižnica pre obsluhu displeja, uľahčujúca tvorbu GUI bola aktualizovaná na verziu 2.9 ( . Popis sme zverejnili tu:

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Lukas Kramer: horizon-EDA

Na tohtoročnej konferencii komunity slobodného softwéru - FOSDEM 2019,
bol prezentovaný ďalší zaujímavý bezplatný EDA nástroj - horizon-EDA.

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WTF moment of the day: #Facebook now changes all your URLs you post to include tracking information (fbclid) in the query string, so they can bypass cookie laws and track you without cookies when websites add Facebook code.

This is not only awful for privacy, but even breaks websites!

Also, the tracking info is so unique/long that is has more than enough information to be used as a secure encryption key, i.e. they really wanted to be sure no collisions happen.

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