So Microsoft Teams, the app, used to have this issue where arrowing through the message list with a screen reader would interupt the message it's currently reading with the word "Menu", effectively making reading messages impossible. You used to be able to get around this by just using the web version of Teams, but you guessed it, it now too does this. I just wanna cry.

@talon Hmm. That's not a bug I've been having with the desktop app.
I'd advise you to read the messages with browse mode instead, but if your computer behaves anything like mine, you'll lose focus constantly. Seriously, that damn thing just can't stay where you left it for even a second.

@Mayana not only that, but it also shows everything at least double. It used to work just fine in focus mode. Ugh.

@talon Yes! Doubled messages, wonky timestamps, moving focus when you want to copy something ... ah. :ms_cat_crying:


@Mayana @talon To copy messages from Microsoft Teams switch your screen reader to focus mode, use up or down arrow key to find a message you wish to start with, then extend the selection by pressing shift+down arrow (screen reader feetback is not sufficient at this point), finally release shift key and press ctrl+c to copy.

@pvagner In @talon's case messages don't speak fully at all, so finding the right one might be a bit of a pain. I think I did try the method you mention, but again had focus issues. Speech Viewer, meanwhile, works all the time.

@Mayana @talon For my job I'm using Teams with my screen reader switched into focus mode. It has some quirks, but it generally works consistently enough on both linux and windows. Double speaking is only happening when I switch to browse mode.

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