So, I have a Mastodon client, Matrix client, SMS... all on my phone. Now I just need a good, accessible IRC client.

@devinprater I'd use my matrix client to connect to bridged IRC channels e.g. those on


@devinprater Bridge talks both IRC and matrix protocols.
Matrix home server operator have to deploy it and IRC side have to tollerate it.
Libera chat is running matrix home server along side the IRC services allowing access through matrix.
Mozilla is also doing it like that, GNOME, KDE and some others too. guys are running some other bridges.

@pvagner @devinprater Matrix IRC bridges need to be set up to bridge a specific IRC network. Biboumi, an XMPP IRC bridge, doesn't have that limitation.

I don't know what the accessibility aspects of Conversations are, I only know that Conversations together with e.g. disroot's IRC bridge is the best IRC client for me that I've used on Android.

@clacke @devinprater For that matter for is most accessible client of all times. Not only it is it packet with all the usefull and cool features, it's completelly with screen reading apps. I guess the developers haven't specifically considered accessibility but are using UI controls native to the platform applying standard design patterns.

@pvagner @clacke What’s the best Xmpp pr'ovider? Conversations requires a capcha.

@devinprater @pvagner Disroot seems cool enough, but apparently they don't accept new registrations during weekends.

I can't provide much guidance as I'm lucky enough to have an XMPP account with my uni computer club, so I haven't looked into providers much.
I was going to say "or maybe riseup", but:

> Riseup’s XMPP service (also known as Jabber) has been deprecated, and will cease operations in August 2021.
@clacke @devinprater @pvagner I can recommend disroot too, the registration is not easy because you need to wait for approval, but it worth waiting. They also provide cloud, mail, cryptopads, all in one account.

@northern_dude @devinprater @clacke If you would like to get email, files @nextcloud , pad, XMPP and more, really go for @disroot . If you only would like to get XMPP, try out

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